Company Profile

Guru Dronacharya Sr. Sec. School came into existance in 1995 by Guru Dronacharya Educational Society, Bhangrola. Situated in Gurgaon, Haryana, we are rightly proud of its calm and serene, pollution free eco-friendly surrounding extensive land of ‘2 acres’.

School Building
Utmost care has been taken for the safety of students in the way school has been designed. We have the Infant wing which houses the Pre Nursery and Nursery classes. The School is a self-sufficient unit with airy classrooms, well-equipped libraries and play areas for sports activities. It encourages to root its quality education through wide range of facilities not only for physical and mental, but also for the all round development of the student’s personality.

Our Values
Our mission is to arm the students with special skills and enable them to be successful in every sphere of life. In a world that hurtles towards rapid change on every known level, the educating and nurturing of a child becomes both an unprecedented challenge and a sacred task. We believe that education must go beyond equipping a child with the knowledge and skills required to ‘prepare’ him or her for life; rather, it must integrate the child’s growth and evolution into everyday life.

Principal’s Desk
It has been a matter of extreme pride and pleasure that our school has made high academics and sports achievements. Each passing day throws up new challaneges. Success has acquired a new meaning, a new dimension. Our system of education stresses more on personality development based on caring, sharing and understanding. Our school is taking giant strides with each passing day bringing name and fame. What we teach to our students is not just the content of the text books, but the priciple to deal with all situations in life with a positive attitude.